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Join the Ultimate 8 Week Weight Loss Transformation contest including a fat melting training program , personalized meal plan, and the chance to win the GRAND PRIZE of $1000, 1 Year Free PUSH Nutrition Membership, and free training in the future! Drop the WEIGHT and collect those DOLLARS!


Lets Be Real...


Have you ever been 21 minutes into an elliptical session, dripping in sweat, wondering when exactly those extra pounds of fat were supposed to melt off?

Yet, when you hop on your scale after a month's worth of cardio, not a single pound was lost?

So you start contemplating new diets…

You map out your next grocery trip… 

And you wonder how you are going to actually see real change in your fitness level…

It’s enough to make you want to day-drink, isn’t it? 

Deep breath. 

There is an easier way to completely revolutionize your body...

And it doesn’t involve being absolutely bored on a treadmill for 90 minutes.



Tell Me if you've ever wondered how to:

  • Workout with exercises that actually burn fat?

  • Figure out a way to simplify eating and stay on track to see goals sooner than later?

  • Make real progress and actually get paid for killing your contest?


And do you want to do it in a short period of time in a way that doesn’t require you to train longer hours, count calories, guess which exercises to do or *GASP* drink liquid shakes of nothingness? 

We get it. 

We’ve been there ourselves and we know how fear-inducing it can be to not have a repeatable strategy in place that allows you to see the result you want in an "omg-is-this-really-happening" kind of way. 

If you know you’re ready to take your business to the next level, it’s time you joined the $1000 Transformation Contest.


Hold Up? What Is The $1000 Transformation?


We're Glad you asked!

The $1000 Dollar Transformation is our meticulously designed FAT INCINERATING program that walks you through incredibly-effective training exercises, equips you with a simple-to-follow Nutrition Meal Plan, and allows you to easily communicate with real trainers as well as fellow participants in the  "Transformation Tribe" through the Push Training App. All winners will be selected by Push Training based primarily on VERIFIED "Before and After" pictures as well as full adherence to the training program, logged food, and tracked weight. When the winners are chosen, they will be awarded:

  • 1 -  "Grand Prize Winner" will receive a $1000 check (CHA-CHING!), 1 year of our PUSH Nutrition Accountability Membership, and their choice of a Free Push Training program to continue their transformation journey!
  • 2 - "Gold Prize Winners" will receive 3 Months of our PUSH Nutrition Accountability Membership and their choice of a Free Push Training program to continue their transformation journey!
  • 3 - " Silver Prize Winners" will receive 1 Month of our PUSH Nutrition Accountability Membership and  their choice of a Free Push Training program to continue their transformation journey! 
  • 5 - "Bronze Prize Winners" their choice of a Free Push Training program to continue their transformation journey! 

Here’s what you'll receive when you join the $1000 Transformation: 


 An 8-Week Fat Melting Training Program Designed for Results

The PUSH IT Transformation training Program is viewed through the PUSH TRAINING app which delivers high energy, body fat blasting workouts. The program includes

  • Demonstration Videos with tips and techniques for every single exercise selected

  • Program Calendar with optional Push Notifications that will tell you exactly when each workout is to be performed    
  • Stat tracking to keep record of all the changes occurring in your Body Weight, Body Fat Percentage and Measurements.
  • Ability to directly contact a PUSH Professional with any questions or concerns with built-in messaging in the app.


Detailed Personalized Meal Plans Designed for Maximum Loss

It's no secret that the key to incredible results lies in an incredible discipline to your choice of food. Believe us when we say, we know it's difficult figuring out what to eat.  Not only do you have to find out what to eat, but you need to know how much, and when to eat it. 


We have simplified Nutrition down to a simple system of creating personalized meal plans with a built in system for you to track your food with a click of a button. We didn't just stop there. We created the "Food Swap" feature to switch to the food you like with the proper portions built in. Welcome to the next evolution of Nutrition!


Don't Do This Alone!  Join The Transformation Tribe Community!

When you join the $1000 Transformation, you will join thousands of other like minded individuals who all want to lose a few extra pounds, get in shape, and and improve their overall quality of life. You will join the Transformation Tribe where you can share success stories, awesome recipes, health tips, meal pictures for accountability and camaraderie that will help you get in the best shape of your life!  


We're all in this together! 



How are the winners selected and when will they be announced?

The $1000 Transformation winners will be divided into 4 tiers to increase the chance of winning for everyone who participates. (Just in case losing an incredible amount of body fat and looking amazing wasn't enough!) These 4 tiers are as listed: one Grand Prize Winner, two Gold Prize Winners, three Silver Prize Winners, and five Bronze Prize Winners for a total of 11 winners! The biggest losers (see what we did there) will be selected based on VERIFIED "before and after pictures" submitted within the PUSH Training App.

Push Training will email all participants the day before the $1000 Transformation start day with a specific image. The "Before" picture must be taken with that participant holding a print out of that picture and then submitted to the Push Training app within three days of the start date. We will also send out a different image the day before the $1000 Transformation ends for the "After" Picture which must be submitted to the Push Training App no later than three days after the end date. Winners must check in for all scheduled workouts, log all scheduled weigh ins, and log all food entries to be eligible to win. All Winners will be announced exactly 4 weeks after the last Day of the challenge! 

Can I participate if I'm a begginer in training or if i have an injury?

The $1000 Transformation contains both phase 1 and 2 of the PUSH Transformation program which is a weight loss program designed for beginners with access to a commercial gym. The program contains instructional videos built right into the PUSH Training App along with the ability to tell exactly how many sets & reps you should perform (how many times you will do the exercise). You can also track the weight you used for each exercise within the app to see your progress! You should consult a medical professional prior to beginning this program regardless if you have an injury or not. Your medical professional will consult you on whether this program is appropriate for you.

Do I have to be a member at a gym to complete the training?

A gym membership is not required to participate in the $1000 Transformation. We will offer a different version of the PUSH Transformation training program designed for training in your home, though dumbbells and a Physioball are required for this version. That being said, the majority of your weight loss will come from adhering to your personalized meal plan that we will provide!

How long will the contest last?

The $1000 Transformation will last exactly 8 weeks from the first day of training. Registration will close three days prior to the start date so that we can process all participants and create all personalized meal plans. 

What kind of training will be preformed and how many days per week will I train?

The PUSH Transformation program consists of resistance training sessions utilizing free weights, resistance machines, and cables. Phase 1 is designed to stimulate the body to create new lean muscle while the personalized meal plan will fuel the body with just enough calories to cause the burning of body fat. Participants will have scheduled cardio sessions that alternate with the weight lifting sessions with some cardio sessions being performed directly after a session.

Phase 2 ups the ante, by introducing supersets and controlled high intensity interval cardio on top of the normal steady state cardio to absolutely obliterate fat. You will start by performing 3 Days of resistance training on week with 2 days of dedicated steady state cardio on week one of the first phase. Don't worry, that's just an appetizer to get you warmed up. You will eventually progress to 6 Days a weeks and by the time you get to the last week of the $1000 Transformation  introducing double workouts to get every lost ounce of fat off your body! 

What happens when the $1000 Transformation is over?

Even though the transformation will be over, the next chapter in your fitness journey will just begin. We have the third and final phase of PUSH Transformation that you can purchase if you loved the training. If you want to try out different styles of training, you can view our 20+ Push Programs designed for Weight Loss, Muscle Toning, Muscle Building, Performance, Functionality, or Flexibility! It will take 4 weeks to sort through all those awesome "before and after" pictures. We will offer full reimbursements to all winners who dedicated to continue with their training. We know you'll be one of them!