Push Virtual Training

At Push Training , we like to call technology,  "TEACH"nology. Our purpose of existence is to help educate and empower people to know their bodies and how to move them. Our mission is to have every single client we train to leave feeling great, in better shape and with more knowledge then when they started. We offer Skype Personal Training in addition to the instructor videos so that we can fine tune your form so that you can get the most form your training safely and effectively. 


Personal Training via Video Calling

     We will utilize 30 minutes to cover any questions you may have on your Personalized Plan or PUSH Programs. We will also cover nutritional guidance along with review of progress and accountability. Finally, will review primary exercise and make sure the 6 Human Movements are optimized. We can also take you through 30 minutes work if you need some motivation!

     When Scheduling the 60 Minute Virtual Session be prepared for an in depth review of everything previously stated but we more emphasis on the workout. We will guide, motivate and challenge you to create an amazing workout experience.